Cannabis Dispensary in Wilton, ME


We have a sterile licensed C1D1 manufacturing facility located right in Central Maine.

Hemp Products

Provides residents of Western and Central Maine with the medical marijuana and CBD products they need. 

CBD Edibles

We offer different baked goods to suit the needs of all of our customers. 

The HoneyComb Farm Provides Medical Marijuana Options

The HoneyComb Farm in Wilton, ME, is area residents’ choice for medical marijuana. We carry a wide range of treats and strains to meet the needs of all our customers. Please note that you must be 21 years or older to enter our store. To better understand Maine’s medical marijuana laws, visit their site or call us at (207) 645-3329 with any questions. Stop by our dispensary in Wilton, ME, today. We also carry seeds and accessories to make your experience even better.

CBD and Hemp Products for Medical Use in Wilton, ME

CBD and hemp have been known to help with treating chronic pain conditions. Depending on your style, The HoneyComb Farm offers CBD edibles, concentrates, and more to provide temporary pain relief and many other benefits to residents of Wilton, ME; Farmington, ME; Rumford, ME; and the surrounding areas. Whether you are new to using CBD or hemp products, or are unsure of what to use, talk with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our team has extensive knowledge of the industry and can answer any question you may have about our stock.

To learn more about our concentrates and production, visit Bees Labs, LLC. Our owners have five years of experience in creating concentrates and edible products for our customers.

About The HoneyComb Farm in Wilton, ME

Founded in 2019, The HoneyComb Farm proudly provides residents of Western and Central Maine with outstanding cannabis products. As a breakout leader of the industry, we understand the importance of having high-quality medical marijuana, CBD, and hemp products. Our team specializes in hydrocarbon extracts, but we also have experience handling all mediums.

 Stop by The HoneyComb Farm or contact us today to see what we have in stock. We offer competitive prices and a wide variety of products. All customers must be 21 years or older to enter our store. 

Our Products